Why a Rengöra Loofah Back + Body Scrubber Will Be Your New Favorite Bath Time Accessory

It’s tempting to buy a generic loofah from your local bath store or pharmacy, but the Rengöra loofah back + body scrubber truly stands out amongst the competition. Besides being incredibly luxurious and high quality, this product is worth the investment because it’s like having two products in one – the textured loofah surface on one side works to exfoliate…Read more

The Best Bath Products for Detoxing After New Year’s Eve

The grand finale to the holiday season is New Year’s Eve. As one year ends and a new one begins, we can sometimes over-indulge in alcohol and unhealthy foods, as well as remain somewhat sedentary – after all, there are so many holiday movies to watch! If you’re ready to detox and start the new year off right, be sure to try out some of these products and ideas!

Rengöra’s New Bath Body Brush

Rengöra’s New Bath Body Brush

You Can Now Enjoy a More Gentle Cleansing Using the New Body Brush from Rengöra. Many of us are conscious about our overall health, but rarely do we think about the health of our skin. We may consider the skin on our faces, but not on the rest of our body. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It plays a vital role in our health and therefore it deserves some extra special care.