Loofah Back + Body Scrubber by Rengöra

Are You Ready for Some Serious Exfoliating and Younger Healthier Skin
that Comes from using our Loofah Back + Body Scrubber?
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  • The plush side delivers a soothing soapy lather while the loofah side helps exfoliate for a deeper cleanse without being too stiff or scratchy.
  • This body scrubber is not just for cleaning your back. Try it on those other hard to reach places like your feet to get them squeaky clean, too!
  • Maintenance on this loofah is easy. Simply rinse, wring out, air dry and if you feel you need further cleaning you can clean with water and a little bit of vinegar. Hang to dry.
  • Our premium packaging makes this a great gift for him or her!

Get one to shower with today!

  • EXFOLIATING MADE EASY – No contortionist movements required. Our 28″ long loofah body scrubber is simple to use. Durable rope handles are securely sewn in place so they won’t come undone even for the most vigorous of scrubbers. (You know who you are!)
  • PREVENT BREAKOUTS or STOP THEM QUICKLY – Our 100% natural loofah works great for all skin types to help you fight acne, rough, dry skin, rashes or other skin-related problems.
  • THE SECRET TO SUPER SMOOTH SKIN – remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, reduce blemishes, relieve stress, improve skin quality, leaving it feeling healthy, soft, and extremely hugable! Great for men and women of all skin types. Usable for everyday skin care. Sold exclusively by Rengöra.
  • SPA Quality BODY Scrubber – If you want a premium body loofah that is classy, well-made, and looks nice hanging in your shower then look no further! One side offers a highly textured, loofah surface that deeply massages and invigorates your skin. The other side features a soft, smooth terry cloth-like surface that gently polishes and cleans your body.The loofah is natural and does not have the strong smell that people complain about with ‘hemp’ scrubbers.

We are so confident that you will love the rengöra loofah back + body scrubber that we offer a 90 day Full Satisfaction Guarantee and a One Year Warranty. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your new loofah, please contact us. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer whether it’s sending you a brand new one, or giving you a full refund – no questions asked.

This is a quality product – well made, easy to use, nice looking. The loofah part has just the right amount of scrubbing ability without being harsh. The terry cloth back-side is great for helping to put lotion on your back. This scrubber is long enough to make it easy on your arms if you’re using it to wash your back. I was surprised it came with a little sisal scrubber, which has a stronger scrubbing surface for really rough skin areas. Overall great product!
N Ward

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My Rengora back scrubber is very easy to use, plus, well made. I love being able to scrub my entire back. This was beautifully packages and arrived promptly. I would recommend to friends and buy again.
G Morgan

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